Samstag, 29. August 2015

Star Struck's Zipper Skirt

400+ pound skirt struggle

"I only have a few skirts that have a zipper/button and These
are the two biggest sized ones that I own so I thought if ANY
would still fit that it'd be these ones. I was SO so so wrong!
The last time I tried on the black skirt I got it button and I was
PREGNANT and I can't even get it up over my belly now no
matter how hard I try. Do you know what that means?
My belly has gotten SO much fatter!!! The blue jean skirt is a
huge struggle and I end up needing Luscious' help to get it
zipped up and when I do it's so tight that it hurts my fat, it
just squeezes me way too much. It's an amazing sight when
I unbutton and unzip the skirt, my belly just flops out hehe
You'll hardly believe how sexy it is." (Star Struck)

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