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Classic Country Lyrics: "No Lonesome Tune" von Townes Van Zandt

Bildergebnis für townes van zandt
Wer glaubt, dass Townes Van Zandt nur melancholisch-
depressive Songs schreiben konnte, dem sei mit "No
Lonesome Tune" das Gegenteil bewiesen. Dieser Song
war sogar, zumindest für diesen Songschreiber, ziem-
lich mitreissend.

I ain't gonna sing no lonesome tune
Ah, babe, I'm a-commin' soon
I cannot believe i stayed so long away
But a man must look around
And you're the sweetest thing I've found
Your lost high roller's rollin' home today

My daddy said to me
"Son, it's hard as you will see
To find someone upon whom to rely"
In the kitchen mama sneezed
And he grinned big as you please
Said "bless you" and a tear come to his eye

I did decide that very day
That I would like to live that way
And now I know I just been wastin' time
It's eith you that I should be
If you feel the same 'bout me
I'm headed home along the straightest line

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