Freitag, 31. August 2018

BoBerry in Lachs

Die besten Zeilen aus Country-Songs

Tina DOA 5 by Osmar-Shotgun
(Zeichnung von Osmar Shotgun)

"What I'm looking for ain't
The blonde in the corner who's winking"
(Bill Anderson: "Between Lust And Watching TV")

"Mama said the pistol is the devil's right Hand"
(Steve Earle: "The Devil's Right Hand")
"Hank Williams, he came up, from Montgomery
With a heart full of hard-luck country songs
But Nashville, Tennessee, they didn't understand him
Because he did things differently then the way they were done"
(Todd Snider: "Alcohol And Pills")

"Sight of rushin' cattle can drive a man insane"
(Red Steagall: "I'm Sleepin' In My Leggins Tonight")

"Get a life--get a grip
Get away somewhere, take a trip
Take a break--take control
Take advice from someone you know"
(Shania Twain: "Come On Over")

"Psylocke" von Kasai

Psylocke by kasai

Selfie von Roxxie (altes Bild)

Tess Holliday im Badeanzug

Kellie Kay nackt

Aurora isst

Marzipan nackt

Marzipan nimmt Mass

Marzipan knipst ein Bild

Luscious Elizabeth auf dem Bett

Kellie Kay mit Küken

"My baby chicks are getting big... so am I!" (Kellie Kay)

Schönheiten-Galerie: Maria Makarova

Russisches Plus-Size-Model
Maria Makarova

Best of Heather Boyle

Heather DWA1Heather DWA2Heath black1006
Hb 500setHeath huge0210122813heather 031
Ähnliches Foto
Ähnliches Foto

Unbekannte Schönheiten

Gaining Nikis Bauch

Livy LaRue sitzt auf der Treppe

Donnerstag, 30. August 2018

"Socks" von Fleeting Ember

Socks by FleetingEmber

Die besten Zeilen aus Country-Songs

Maxine by AndyNyanDraws
(Bild von Andy Nyan)

"I am a river with a voice.
I came into your life by choice.
And none can judge just how that feels."
(Rosanne Cash: "The Wheel")

"It is no secret what God can do,
what he's done for others he'll do for you"
(Stuart Hamblin: "It Is No Secret")
"I hear tell you’re doin’ well,
Good thing have come to you.
I wish I had your happiness
And you had a do-wacka-do"
(Roger Miller: "Do Wacka Do")

"When you're hot, you're hot
And when you're not, you're not"
(Jerry Reed: "When You're Hot, You're Hot")

"Dear Mama, I'm a cowboy
And I know that breaks your heart
All the things they wrote about me
Must'a torn your world apart"
(Red Steagall: "Dear Mama, I'm A Cowboy")

Anita Garsia beim Putzen