Freitag, 31. August 2018

Die besten Zeilen aus Country-Songs

Tina DOA 5 by Osmar-Shotgun
(Zeichnung von Osmar Shotgun)

"What I'm looking for ain't
The blonde in the corner who's winking"
(Bill Anderson: "Between Lust And Watching TV")

"Mama said the pistol is the devil's right Hand"
(Steve Earle: "The Devil's Right Hand")
"Hank Williams, he came up, from Montgomery
With a heart full of hard-luck country songs
But Nashville, Tennessee, they didn't understand him
Because he did things differently then the way they were done"
(Todd Snider: "Alcohol And Pills")

"Sight of rushin' cattle can drive a man insane"
(Red Steagall: "I'm Sleepin' In My Leggins Tonight")

"Get a life--get a grip
Get away somewhere, take a trip
Take a break--take control
Take advice from someone you know"
(Shania Twain: "Come On Over")

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