Mittwoch, 29. August 2018

Die besten Zeilen aus Country-Songs

Liz Gardner - Yee-Haw - Commission by HugoTendaz
(Bild von Hugo Tendaz)

"They paint a pretty picture of a world that's gay and bright
But it's just a mask for loneliness behind those city lights."
(Bill Anderson: "City Lights")

"Don't judge me by the cover 'cause I'm a real good book"
(Dolly Parton)

"Tonight I feel, like an old violin,
Soon to be put away, and never played again.
Don't ask me why I feel like this, hell I can't say.
I only wish this feelin', would just go away."
(Johnny Paycheck: "Old Violin")

"Feelings are strange
especially when they come true"
(John Prine: "Blue Umbrella")

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