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Classic Country Lyrics: "She Was No Good For Me" von Waylon Jennings

Bildergebnis für waylon jennings
Bei diesem Song, einem aus dem späteren Werk,
könnte man denken, Waylon Jennings hätte un-
heimlich Probleme mit Frauen. In Wahrheit war
er bis zu seinem Tod glücklich mit Jessi Colter,
ebenfalls Musikerin und Songschreiberin, verhei-

Verse 1:
She was a good looking woman no doubt
A high steppin' mover that men talk about
But everything bad in me
She brought it out
And she was just no good for me

Verse 2:
She was wonderfully wicked and wild
With the looks of a woman
And the ways of a child
She could twist me or turn me
With a look or a smile
And she was just no good for me

Don't be taken by the look in her eyes
If she looks like an angel
It's a perfect disguise
And for somebody else she may be
But she was just no good for me

Verse 3:
I'm just a fool for a looker i guess
When it comes to beauty
Lord knows she was blessed
I thought i could change her
And i did my best
But she was just no good for me


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